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Company Info

Ferodo is a worldwide known premium brand for braking products. Starting with the manufacture of brakes for horse-drawn carriages over 120 years ago, Ferodo today offers all the parts needed for braking and is therefore considered a one-stop solution. Over time, Ferodo has celebrated many important achievements and successes. In 1922, for example, Ferodo brake pads were installed as original equipment on the first mass-produced vehicle, the Austin 7 - a first in the automotive industry at the time. In 1963, Donald Campbell achieved the land speed record of the time at 649 km/h. After this incredible feat of power, the car was stopped by Ferodo brake technology. For over 100 years, the company has been researching innovative solutions to a wide variety of challenges and in 2014 was able to launch the ECO-FRICTION brake pads, a greener product. Today, the company supplies large parts of the aftermarket with premium quality. Ferodo parts are installed in in more than 100 of the best-selling cars.
For more information, visit https://www.ferodo.co.uk/

Aftermarket Parts and Quality

The range includes all friction and braking-related products, a wide selection of hydraulic components and accessories. Ferodo also supplies premium parts for racing cars, motorcycles and go-carts, focusing on top quality for the best performance. All products are thoroughly tested in research and development facilities during development and on the test track after production. This way, Ferodo always ensures the safety of its customers while striving for new innovations in all areas. In addition to the wide range of products for OEMs and aftermarket, the company also offers professional support. On the Garage Gurus platform, Ferodo provides bundled expertise to all mechanics, workshop owners and suppliers. Visitors have access to online training, video tutorials, technical articles and expert surveys. The knowledge is available through various channels - on the website, on-call or in person at a training center. All of this offering is easily accessible and free of charge. (https://www.drivparts.com/en-eu/garagegurus.html).