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At Moog, reliability and customer safety are our top priorities. That's why Moog has been a well-known and trusted brand for steering and suspension parts for over 100 years. In addition to outstanding parts quality, the company offers a high level of support in the form of practical know-how, summarized on the website and in the Moog catalog. The company found its beginnings in 1919, when the Moog brothers bought out their first location in St. Louis and began producing leaf springs. In 1930, Moog decided to change its manufacturing focus and began producing parts for the front end of the car. These high-quality parts laid the foundation for the company's later status as a "problem solver". In the years and decades that followed, Moog was able to further consolidate its leading position in the market. This was due to the continuous improvement of existing products and technologies and the introduction of market-changing products such as the Moog "Gusher" bearing in the 1950s. To maintain, expand and share technical knowledge, Moog opened a Steering and Suspension Technology Training Center in the 1970s, the first of its kind. The highly technical facility provides training for sales and customers and has welcomed more than 17,000 visitors to date. Today, Moog is the first point of contact for chassis and steering technology and works to continually improve its products. The opening of its own manufacturing facility in Barcelona is another step by the company to have more control over its own production and quality and to improve it even more in the future.

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Spare parts and quality

Moog's product range is characterized primarily by the wide selection of products. With complete vehicle inventory coverage, the company is the number one supplier of chassis and steering parts. Special attention to the high safety standard of the products is the guiding principle in development and production. In particular, technologies such as product differentiation and "Hybrid Core Technology" ensure the durability of Moog products. Therefore, Moog provides a basic product warranty of 3 years, a testimony to the safety and quality of each product. In addition to the wide range of products for OEMs and aftermarket, the company also offers professional technical support. On the Garage Gurus platform, Moog provides bundled expertise to all mechanics, workshop owners and suppliers. Visitors have access to online training, video tutorials, technical articles and expert surveys. The knowledge is available through a variety of channels - on the website, by calling the on-call function or in person at a training center. All the while, the offering is freely accessible and free of charge (